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Tea Time!

…Most tea rooms today serve tea from three to five o’clock. The menu has changed from the original tea, bread, butter and cakes, to include three courses served in this order:

Savories – Tiny sandwiches or appetizers

Scones – Served with jam and Devonshire or clotted cream

Pastries – Cakes, cookies, shortbread and sweets…

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Rutherford Dust Tasting 2014

…This year it took place at Inglenook Winery and included: A blind tasting of 13, 2011 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignons (ranging in price from $55 – $145), a peppy summary talk by viticulturist and winery owner Davie Piña, some exchange of thoughts from the small group of writers present, a killer lunch with wines like the 2011 Inglenook Rubicon Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2012 Inglenook Blancaneaux white Rhone-variety blend. In the afternoon there was a walk-around tasting for trade and media of more 2011 Cabernet plus other releases from roughly 40 producers of Rutherford AVA wine. All in all… a VERY good day…

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Barolo Cannubi 2008 and Heirloom Tomato Salad Tower

One of my favorite wine varietals is the Nebbiolo grape. It’s a lifelong adult quest of mine to find the best of the best of it. So, when I find an exquisite refined example, I want my readers to know about it. Let me introduce you to DAMILANO BAROLO DOCG CANNUBI 2008. All I can say is…get your palates primed for beauty…

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Shark Week Cocktails

This year Discovery is pulling out all the stops for its biggest Shark Week ever. It starts Sunday, August 10, and includes 13 hours of documentaries plus nightly live talk shows, which by the way is the most programming in the event’s history.

…Be ready for Shark Week beginning on August 10, 2014 with irreverently-themed cocktails from TY KU Sake and ZYR Vodka. Sink your teeth into these recipes while you shake and stir them up like “the second coming of Sharknado.” After all, with these delicious cocktails in hand, it may be a bad week to be a seal, but it’s a darn great week to be you! …

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Taste the Place: Chianina Steakhouse in Long Beach, California

…The end game of this restaurant is to feature its namesake’s steaks. Sourced from one of the world’s oldest breeds from Italy, Chianina as stated on the restaurant’s website is an “ancient cattle dating back some 2,200 years.” It’s leaner and more muscular than most other breeds and the meat “is renowned for its high quality, tender meat and superior nutritional value.”…

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