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The Wine Diva Does England

Traveling to Europe is great fun!

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125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes – Ever was a great day in Linda Land when I received Julie Hasson’s new book 125 Best Chocolate Chip Recipes ($19.95) to review.

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World Sake Day and a Sake Mango Coconut Martini Recipe

Many consider Sake to be a healthful alternative to other alcoholic drinks, using pure and premium all-natural ingredients that are low calorie, gluten-free and free of sulfates and tannins to entice new followers. Today, I provide a modern approach to an ancient beverage by sharing some fun Sake facts and a smooth Sake drink recipe.

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The White Doe

The blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier is good enough for a glass or two or three at one sitting. Perfect by itself or plays well with many dishes. The Chenin Blanc component (80%) provides the core fruit and bright natural acidity, creating an integrated crisp, clean finish. At 12.6% alcohol, it is not overdone…

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Cruising the Oxford Canal on a Narrowboat

As a newly baptized lover of canal cruising I will tell you it is the perfect way to de-stress—most of the time. The slowness of the journey (the speed limit is four miles per hour) means the frenetic pace of modern life recedes. Who, after all, has heard of canal rage?

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