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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Spa “Ahhh” Experience Aji Spa, Phoenix, Arizona

…the world’s most authentic Native American spa services. If they sold spa condos there, I’d be interested, that is how good it is… Published on Published on

The Art of Champagne Tasting: Thornton Winery

Champagne, of all wines, is an indulgent everyday treat: Find the style you like and drink it. Regularly. As in every day. Be adventurous! Try the Thornton 2004 Brut Reserve ($38) with Chinese food or Thai instead of a Gewürztraminer. Published on

Death by Chocolate Cupcakes: A ‘Cupcake Wars’ wanta be

Ever wonder what it takes to be on one of the Food Network’s shows? Published on

Blood Orange Vodka Mustard Shrimp

Courtesy of Chef Kelly Macdonald of the Napa Valley Wine Train. Published on

A Tasty Napa Christmas

If you’re thinking the Napa Valley Wine Train might be a tourist trap, you would be VERY wrong. It’s affordable, has a variety of price points for every interest and credit card. It is one of the top dining establishments housed in an antique train that runs on 25-miles of track in the heart of  Continue Reading »