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A Rising Star: Ventura County West, CA with Herzog Wine Cellars Recipe

…About an hour north of Los Angeles, Ventura County West is a place to relax renew and engage. In today’s article we’re going to explore this trending area of Ventura County..

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Destination Oxford, England: Scholarly, Elite, and Tasteful

…Gardening is considered a national sport in England, and especially so in the Cotswolds. Anyone who has ever planted anything and hoped for the best should visit the Cotswolds to see how it’s really done right. It’s a gardener’s paradise on steroids and is just a tour bus ride away in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle with knowledgeable chauffeur-guides…

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Our Interwoven Lives with the Zapotec Weavers with Cergueza Recipe

This recipe is from Carina Santiago of Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.

“The name of this dish is Cegueza. In Zapotec it is ZAAGUEZZ. We have been eating Cergueza here in Teotitlan for many years. I remember my great grandmother preparing it and I remember my mother grinding the corn on a metate (stone mortar). It is a special dish for when the whole family is gathered on Sundays or when there is a birthday. It used to be prepared for very special fiestas. It’s one of my favorite meals with tortillas fresh from the comal (wok-like cooking pan, used over an open fire). That’s how we Zapotecs like it.”

RECIPE for 10 people

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Memorable Experiences in the Heidelberg Castle District

Heidelberg is a vibrant university town set amongst some of most beautiful scenery Germany has to offer… I decided to focus on the Castle District for a first-time, two-day stay.

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The Wine Diva Does England

Traveling to Europe is great fun!

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