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“Must See” Places in Denmark

Linda Kissam visited Denmark and reports on top things to do there.

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Best Corned Beef Hash Recipe Ever

Harvest Restaurant, Hyatt Westlake Plaza, recipe and chef interview…

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Tin City and the Kool Kids of Paso Robles

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Magazine article on Paso Robles wines..

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Why It Still Makes Sense to Go to Professional Wine Conferences

…I just got back from a wine conference in France – the IWINETC to be exact. The 7th International Wine Tourism Conference 2015 was held in the La Champagne region of France offering many opportunities for learning and commercial and professional contact…

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San Benito County Wines are Worth a Second Taste

…The San Benito wine country is certainly worth a trip to. Fit it in when you are going to or from Napa, Monterey, Sonoma or Gilroy. When the other areas mentioned are blazing hot, you’ll experience much cooler temps here. It’s truly an undiscovered area showcasing memorable tastes, beautiful landscapes, milder temperatures and activities guaranteed to leave you wanting more…

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