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11 Things to Love about Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham … Today, it is a medical and financial center, as well as a lively hub of cultural activities and engaging historical sites. It also has beautiful golf courses, year-round events, extraordinary shopping and world-class dining. On a recent three-day trip there, I spent some time finding out what makes this city a destination. It has a little bit of everything to share with tourists. It’s definitely worth your time…

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Contemporary Greek Winemaking with Yliana Stengou of Domaine Porto Carras

…What if I wanted to go to Greece and concentrate on their crisp white wines and juicy terroir driven reds, rather than the ruins? Would the travel gods scowl at my choice? Maybe, but visiting lesser known wine regions is my passion and discovering the aromas and sips that blend with distinctive terroir and glamorous landscapes is a lifelong passion that has never served me wrong…

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The Nine Best Things to Do in Oxnard, California

Oxnard, California is a great 2-4 day destination. It’s just 90 minutes from LA. Sometimes overlooked for its bigger cousins in Santa Barbara, San Francisco or San Diego this is a must do, must see vacation spot.

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Top 6 Things To Do in Yuma

…I am hoping I have your attention, as Yuma certainly captured mine on a recent four day stay…

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Purée of Vignarola and brown bread crumbs, sardines in red wine vinegar

…Hotel Hassler Roma has prepared a traditional Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 20 at Imàgo, the panoramic Michelin-starred restaurant on the hotel’s sixth floor…

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